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OUR MISSION:  To house activities, achievements and accomplishments in one easy to use online platform to be quickly retrieved for the college admission and scholarship application processes, for other projects and clubs, and for resume building.

While being active and involved are beneficial to helping you get into the college of your choice, there are things that do not need to steal your time. is a PLATFORM designed to save you time and SIMPLIFY YOUR JOURNEY TO COLLEGE by housing all your data in one place. This TOOL is accessible ANYTIME, ANYWHERE for you to log all your activities ON THE SPOT! The goal is to simplify the college application process by helping you build your portfolio and record all your achievements where they can easily be retrieved later.

Most scholarship and college applications want you to document all four years of high school. encourages you to start keeping track of everything you do at the beginning of your Freshman year of high school. Then when the time comes, all the information is there for you to copy directly over to the application. Easy, Peasy...No more trying to remember what you did when, or trying to keep track of things in a spiral notebook, or on a Word document or Excel spreadsheet ... for ONLY $5.95 per month or $49.95 per year, for up to 5 students per family, will keep track of your high school years, and beyond, all in one easy to manage database.