Who we are

Howdy ~ 

“They” say the last 4 years of high school fly by … well, after my daughter’s Freshman year, I can attest that “they” are right! As a mother of 2 teenagers, an organized planner by nature, and a friend of many with graduating (or graduated) kiddos, I began to really contemplate the college application and scholarship process.

I began recording accomplishments much like I used to for our 4-H record books – writing everything down on a hard copy calendar copied from my phone calendar, having to go back and forth, check results on websites, ask the kids questions …. I thought there has to be an easier way, there has to be an online tool that you can log all this information as you go. So, I hit the internet and started talking to those that had gone down this path before me in search of my answer, to make life easier.  I mean who has time these days? 

I always got the same answers: “I keep an Excel spreadsheet or Word document” or “we keep a notebook and just write everything down” or “we tried to do this or that but didn’t really keep up with it.” My system seemed the same, or maybe even a little better, but I knew there had to be a much easier way … something online that would house this data and be there and ready to just upload or copy and paste when it was needed. There were a few apps and websites out there, but nothing completely with the vision I had. Most talked more about how to apply for colleges, apply for financial aid, help a student find their career path, etc.

I thought if I had this need, surely others do to, especially the kids that assume this responsibility on their own.  Even if there is something already available, it obviously is not widely known. I began having conversations with friends who I knew and trusted to give me feedback on the college and scholarship process, who had knowledge on starting businesses and websites, and who would be there to give me guidance. For them, I am forever grateful!

At this point, my life had been just crazy, busy the past few years working a full-time job, helping at my husband’s business, running kids all over the countryside, trying to get my Refit exercise classes going (which will happen one day), maintaining my EvolvHealth business (not to mention keeping up with my own health), and begin another project that I have been wanting to get off the ground for a while now. Sound familiar?  Who has time these days? 

When I pondered on all of this, my life, the word journey came to mind. I believe everything happens for a reason, so I have to trust that this is all a part of my personal journey. I lost my dad in 2008 and he was always entrepreneurial.  He is of Czech decent, so I Googled how to say journey in Czech and the word Cesta came up. I decided in honor of him that was going to be my new mantra starting now and moving forward – Cesta!

So here we are today, with a website to house all activities and achievements as you journey through high school on your way to college. Whether you just won an award for top honors or hit a homerun or helped deliver food to the homeless, take a moment and upload the information or picture on the spot right from your phone to your own personal account on CollegeCesta.com. I hope you find this website to be a resource as well as a useful tool in preparation for the next step of your journey in this thing we call Life.

Best of Luck to You on Your Next Chapter!

~ Blessings ~

Deanna Warmke

TAMU Class of '96